Curb Appeal

Are you trying to sell your house? Loughridge Landscapes provides affordable, curb appeal landscape enhancement services for homeowners, real estate agents and investors. We can quickly evaluate the condition of your lawn, trees and shrubs. As you are well aware, a beautifully landscaped property is more likely to sell quickly, and for the full asking price. Besides being initially eye catching, a well maintained landscape will indicate to the potential buyer a well maintained home.

We are experienced in all facets of landscaping. Curb appeal is more than just cutting grass and raking leaves. We will identify valuable trees and shrubs that should be highlighted as well as junk plants which need to be removed. We can quickly design and install new planting beds, shrubs and trees. When making a design, we make sure to include plant material that is blooming during the time of year that the property is on the market.

A house with overgrown shrubs and trees can give a potential buyer a bad impression from the start. Who wants to move into a "jungle", right? Trees and shrubs should be pruned away from windows so that the house appears to be larger and more open.

Many properties may have plants that are diseased or ridden with insects and mites. These plants should be treated or in some cases removed.

Are you holding an Open House in the near future? We coordinate with real estate agents for quick cleanups on the day before open houses are held. A property that has been recently weeded and has fresh mulch looks great. Brightly flowered annuals near the property entrance make a great impression. We can place temporary planted pots on porch entrances as well.

From small clean ups to full blown makeovers, our goal is to beautify your property so that you get top dollar.

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