Shrub Care And Maintenance..

can be very expensive and time consuming. A shrub that requires constant pruning or watering can quickly become a pain. That's why we select and install low maintenance plants that require little in care after they are established. Selecting plants that won't outgrow their space helps to reduce pruning costs. Plants come in all shapes and sizes and have various characteristics and maintenance requirements. Some are evergreen and some are deciduous. Some flower on the current season wood. Others flower on last years. Some plants prefer shade. Others require full sun for maximum flowering. Some are intolerant of "wet feet". Some you can almost drown.

Many shrubs are actually trees that are extremely tolerant of pruning. Some are simply plants that don't grow very tall. They may have mature sizes of three feet tall or less. Knowledge of a plants mature characteristics is AN ESSENTIAL REQUIRMENT to have BEFORE PLANTING!

Be wary of planting too close to buildings, leaving little room to walk behind to perform routine maintenance. When planting near a structure, it is wise to leave plenty of room for the plant to grow. In general, most plants should be planted between three and four feet away from any structure. This will allow the plants room grow without having to prune too much off the back.

Be careful to select an approriate species when planting near downspouts or other wet areas. Some plants, like Rhododendrons, will develop root rot if not planted in well drained areas.

Reduce pesticide use by selecting plants that are resisant to insects, mites and disease.

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