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Landscape design is not easy. It is more than just drawing pretty pictures. It takes knowledge and experience to design and install a landscape. Many questions need to be asked and answered. A site analysis must be taken. What will it look like in five years? In fifteen years? Will you have to hire a full time gardener or landscape manager to maintain it? Or maybe you are moving within the next year and simply want an affordable landscape makeover? Overplanting is a major mistake of many landscape designs. There is a natural tendancy to want to fill in every square foot of a planting bed. The plants are just so small, right? Planting shrubs and trees too close together can quickly create a jungle like feel within three to four years.

One way to overcome this issue is to implement a landscape design that entails use of permanent plants as well as temporary "filler plants". These filler plants temporarly fill in space till the permanent plants grow to a suitable size. The filler plants are removed within five to ten years. These plants can either be transplanted to other areas of the property or sold.

We design low maintenance landscapes that can be installed over the course of several years, thereby increasing affordability. Plants are selected and sited for their ornamental value as well as future maintenance requirements. Plant resistance to insects, mites and disease is a major consideration as well.

One of our primary goals for your landscaping project is to design a landscape that requires less weeding, less pruning, less watering, less mowing and less pesticide use. Low maintenance landscape design should not be confused with bland and boring. There are many, many beautiful plants in the world that require little care once they are established. 

It doesn't matter whether you live in  Rockville, Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase or Silver Spring, Maryland...we want to be your landscaper. Contact us today and let's discuss your landscaping project.

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