Can't Afford A Full Time Gardener?

Neither can we. Hiring a full time gardener can be expensive. That's why we offer once a week, once a month or once a year horticultural detail services. An occasional visit by an experienced horticulturist can be a great benefit to your garden.

We evaluate the health of your trees, shrubs and turf and make recommendations for their care. We offer design suggestions and critiques, pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly. We can point out plants that may become problematic in the future. An example ot this might be trees that are planted too close to a house or underneath power lines or have poor branching structure.

We weed, edge, and mulch. We also hand prune shrubs. Shearing plants into green meatballs with a machine can eventually lead to an assortment of problems. Disease, mite and insect attacks are more prevalent on plants that have been sheared than those that have been professionally hand pruned.

We are very knowledgable of which plants are most suseptable to problems. Hemlocks for example are frequently attacked by adelgids, mites and scale. Photinia can be defoliated by foliar leaf spot disease. Boxwoods suffer from leaf miner, mites, pysyllids and diseases.

Using the IPM approach, we inspect your trees, shrubs and lawn looking for insects, mites and diseases. We also check for other problems that can be detrimental to plant health. Among these might be: poor irrigation practices, drainage problems, low nutrient levels, excessive salts, excessive mulch, or poor branching structure.

We service the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area as well as Potomac and Washington DC.

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